The 5 Boldest And Sexiest Fashion Expectations Of 2018

Fashion pundits are predicting some tremendous changes in the fashion and beauty industry in 2018. But as long as the millennial’s generation continues to dominate the scene, their unique fashion preferences will continue to shape many aspects of the clothing industry in the coming year. 2017 has seen some of the most prodigious changes in the fashion industry. For instance, we witnessed a substantial shift from the ’70s fashion trend to the ’80s glam look. This move and other similar evolutionary occurrences in the past one year have had a very huge impact in the clothing industry as a whole.


Such radical transformations have resulted in the adoption of new favorite colors in the design of clothes and accessories and the preference of new bolder fashion designs across the entire industry — causing the industry to embrace a more innovative production approach and marketing strategy. Industry analysts expect the cumulative effect of this shift in fashion to spawn some of the boldest and sexiest fashion trends in 2018. Check out some of the predictions.


Exposed Innerwear


One of the boldest fashion trends from 2017 was exposed bras. Yeah, that’s right. Starting from 2017, bras are no longer required to be hidden under shirts, tops and blouses; they are now treated as outerwear. While this was a phenomenal fashion trend, it comes nowhere near the colossal fashion fad expected in 2018. It’s all about exposed briefs and panties in 2018. Already we have seen some of the biggest underwear designers like Hugo, Adam Selman, Christian Dior, and Fendi showing their briefs under various dress designs including see-through and sheer fabric designs..


Transparent/Clear Fabrics


Some of the biggest fashion houses have already rolled out their clear or transparent outfits and accessories. Tibi has already launched its transparent corset, Batmain has a clear maxi dress that exposes the aforementioned briefs, Off-White wants you to buy their plastic-wrapped collab, and Chanel is marketing a plastic over-the-knee rain boot. And to enhance the fashion appeal of their bold transparent designs, these top brands are modeling their products on global fashion trendsetters/icons like Rihanna.




Many prestigious fashionistas have already designed and showcased feather dresses. Moschino, Saint Laurent, Topshop, and Maison Margiela modeled feather outfits in some runways around the world in 2017. This bold and super sexy fashion trend is expected to take root in 2018.


Changing Color Trends


In 2017, the fashion industry was dominated by the color pink, which is generally associated to millennials. However, fashion experts expect the color preference to change to the pastel-adjacent lavender by the spring of 2018. Floral prints are also here to stay, in many different shapes, patterns, and colors.  Other expected color transitions include a widespread adoption of white suits, white tanktops, black & white polka dots prints, dark denim sets, and rainbow stripes.


Other Sizzling Fashion Trends


Statement-making outfits and accessories achieved considerable success in the fashion industry in 2017. Come 2018, these designs are expected to be among the hottest fashion trends in the world. Get ready to buy hats, earrings, t-shirts, jackets, hats, handbags etc with catchy colorful; slogans and statements about anything.


And last but not least, 2018 promises bold neckline and shoulder designs. You can expect lots of new bold neckline designs like square necklines and asymmetrical necklines, and a myriad of shoulder styles, such as single shoulder cutout, puffed, flashdance, and even slit shoulders, by spring 2018. Get ready to see more of these exciting and new designs in your favorite Mobile women’s boutique in 2018.


5 Super Sexy Lingerie Ideas To Spice Up Your 2018 Valentine’s Day

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, the next big event is Valentine’s Day. Considered by most as the most romantic day of the year, this mid-February holiday is all about conspicuous expression of love. And to accentuate the romantic mood of the day, red is used to symbolize Valentine’s Day. On this intimate day, all loved ones are expected to dress up in sexy colorful outfits and accessories before engaging in whatever romantic activities they have planned. Another expressive tradition of Valentine’s Day is gift giving. Romantic, sentimental, and sometimes very costly gifts are exchanged by romantic partners. In case you have some intimate expectations later on in the evening, you should prepare yourself suitably by donning seductive lingerie from any high-end Pascagoula women’s boutique. And when doing so, you should always remember that sometimes the packaging is almost as important as the gift. As such, you should “package” yourself in the sexiest lingerie possible on this love-filled occasion. The following spicy lingerie designs will undoubtedly earn you the desired reaction and/or response at the end of a romantic evening.


Matching Bra & Panty Sets


This is the most basic lingerie design and it’s usually associated with a low-key Valentine’s Day celebration. But this is a total misconception; you can go for some bold bra and panty set designs that are too hot to describe in words. Normally, a matching bra and panty set includes just the two pieces of underwear. Not to forget that there are two types of bras; an underwire bra, one with an underwire and a bralette, one without an underwire. Examples of super sexy bra and panty set lingerie ideas include embroidered bralettes, high-waist briefs/panties, mesh & lace, sheer velvet, delicate scoop bralette and panty set, and many others.


 Sizzling Strappy Twists


Basically, strappy lingerie is the same as an ordinary bra and panty set but with a more sophisticated and sexier design. As the name suggests, this lingerie features additional straps as embellishments. Some amazing strappy lingerie designs include modern strappy twists, vintage-inspired bra and panty set, strappy back see-through lingerie, adjustable garter straps, baby-doll, femme couture, lace, classic velvet bralette and panty set etc.


Stunning Bodysuits


In lingerie design, a bodysuit is a single complete piece of innerwear, similar to a one-piece swimsuit. Your Valentine’s Day bodysuit should feature a sexy design and rich intimate colors. Some stunning bodysuit lingerie ideas include high-cut, bardot neckline, off the shoulder, delicate lace, deep/plunging V, sheer V-neck, belt details, teasy straps, sheer, bodycon, curvy, embroidered color mix etc.


Delicate Slip Forms


Slip form lingerie comes in the form of a mini ore micro dress that barely covers the private parts. Slip form lingerie is mostly made of silk, satin, and/or lace. A sexy Valentine’s Day design should be softy and delicate, cozy to wear and snuggle, and easy to slip off in the heat of intimacy.


Sexy Lingerie Color Ideas


In addition to the universally accepted red color for Valentine’s Day, you can charge the romantic setting with some bold and savory color options. You can enhance the romantic mood in the bedroom with a deep red and black bra and panty set, or you can exude a highly intimate ambiance by wearing a delicate light pink lace bodysuit or slip form.

The Top 3 Fashion Trends From Spring 2017

2017 marks the year when the fashion industry transitioned from the ’70s style to the glamorous ’80s. This fashion milestone was marked by monumental shifts and changes in fashion trends across the divide. The transition resulted in significant changes in color and fabric choices, garment designs, types of accessories & their designs, and the overall industry configuration in regard to seasonal changes. Needless to say, the 2017 fashion evolution resulted in some winner and loser fashion designs. The following fashion trends enjoyed industry wide prominence in the spring of 2017 and can hence be considered the winners of this remarkable transition.


Denim Skirts


Denim skirts are not a new fashion trend borne by the recent transition to the ’80s fashion style or by any other industry shift for that matter. Denim skirts have been around for a very long time and almost everyone owns at least one such outfit. Anyway, denim skirts made a comeback this spring and they are now ranked among the 3 standout fashion trends from 2017. You can wear your denim skirt any time you wish and for any occasion. During the day, you can accessorize your denim miniskirt with a colorful pair of sneakers and a button-down stripped, preferably blue, shirt for an authentic casual look. For an evening party, a denim skirt will work well with a sculpted white shirt, a pair of ankle-length high-heel boots, and a statement necklace to polish up your personality. And if you wish to don your denim skirt to work, you will need to moderate the casualness and enhance the formal outlook. This can be achieved by choosing a denim skirt of conservative length, at least up to your knees. Enhance the office look with a formal plain colored blouse, a pair of low-heel shoes, and to cap it all, a classy handbag.


Khaki Pants


Just like the aforementioned transition in the fashion industry, khaki pants have also evolved considerably over time. Emerging as one of the 3 outstanding fashion trends of 2017, modern khaki pants have changed from the baggy cargo pants of old to sleek fitting trousers. Being khaki, these pants come in various shades of grey and like the denim skirt discussed above, they can be worn at anytime for any occasion. For your daytime needs, you can elevate your khakis pants with a nice bomber jacket, and some cool slip-on sneakers. For an evening out, your khaki pants will be well complemented and accentuated by a pair of metallic shoes, a standout top, and a pair of bold or classy earrings. And finally when going to work, pair your khaki pants with a feminine long-sleeved blouse. Wear pointed pumps to taper the tomboy appeal of the khakis and get a chic ladies’ purse to complete the formal look.


Printed Boots


Another fashion trend that has gained prominence in the spring of 2017 is embroidered mid-calf boots; more specifically printed boots. When you visit any well stocked Mobile women’s fashion store, you will notice that printed boots come in a variety of ornamental decorations or designs. Regardless of the featured print decorations, you can comfortably wear your mid-calf boots during the day by matching them with a pair of skinny jeans and covering your upper body with an oversized jacket. A night out in your printed boots will work the finest if you have a bohemian midi dress and a pair of hot earrings. And you can always pull them off in formal or office settings if you don a black bodysuit or a chunky sweater to your workplace.


The Latest And Most Dominant Color Trends In The Fashion Industry

Being a dynamic sociocultural and economic ecosystem, the fashion industry is always evolving over time. That is why we seem to have a distinct fashion trend or style every other decade as insinuated by the following timeline references; ’50s, ’70s and ’80s fashion. The funny thing about the fashion industry is that it tends to evolve in a circular cycle instead of a linear manner. This is why the industry keeps on reverting or returning to some of the earlier fashion trends. Fashion comebacks are the norm in the clothing industry and although there are various changes or modifications to the older designs, most of the fundamental or basic aspects of a certain fashion age are always retained, such as garment or fabric design, type of fabric, fabric print, and/or characteristic fabric ornamentation or decoration. Color is one of the most important elements in the description or definition of a specific fashion trend. As the fashion industry transitions from one age to another, the prevailing color trend also changes. Color changes are symbolic of gradual but significant sociocultural shifts, such as generational changes, in the global ecosystem. Currently there are notable transformations in the colors being used in the fashion industry. The latest and most dominant color trends are discussed below.




Referred to as the millennial pink to insinuate its generational leanings, color pink is the latest and most dominant color of choice in the fashion industry. The popularity of pink as a fashion trend has been spurred by its overwhelming preference by the millennial generation, which is the most influential age group/bracket in the fashion industry today. Fashion pundits expect a significant change in the pink color trend in the near future. Some predict an influx of red into the pink-dominated industry just before Valentine’s Day and then a complete shift to lavender in the upcoming spring of 2018.




Stripes are among the most enduring color trends in the fashion industry. This color trend includes all print patterns, color designs and schemes with stripped lines. Stripped fashion trends vary according to the type of outfit, the implied/intended sociocultural theme, and sometimes its origin. Some of the most popular striped fashion trends include banker’s stripes for formal/official wear and rainbow or multicolored stripes for all kinds of chic casual outfits. One type of rainbow stripes is the seaside stripes, which is a popular Ocean Springs women’s fashion trend due to the city’s coastal location.




Modern khaki fashion designs vary greatly from the traditional versions. Although they are still grayish in color, modern khaki pants are quite chic and versatile. We also have other khaki outfits with utilitarian chic designs befitting any kind of street fashion. Khaki has been around for a longtime and it’s likely to last even longer.




As mentioned above, when millennials relinquish their vast influence on the fashion industry, lavender is expected to replace pink. This is expected to happen as soon as springtime 2018. This is when the pastel-adjacent hue is expected to take over as a fashion color trend.


Yellow (Floral)


Yellow has been a favorite spring and summer color trend in the clothing industry for a very longtime. The playful, lively, and warm yellow color rhymes perfectly with the warm, fun, and chic ambiance exuded by casual wear during the spring and summer. Countless shades and/or hues of color yellow are used in the clothing industry and most of its decorative designs and prints are floral. A yellow top can put a smile on a stressful day.

4 Must-Have Outfits & Accessories To Keep You Warm And Stylish This Winter

Because of chilly weather conditions, winter and fall outfits and accessories play an additional functional role as compared to the summer and spring clothes. In addition to the most basic purpose of covering up our nakedness and the secondary role of giving us a nice or stylish outlook, your winter wardrobe should be able to keep you warm and cozy even in the chilliest conditions. As such, all winter outfits and accessories should be specially designed to optimize their functionality and/or application. Simply put, your winter wardrobe should be decent, chic, and warm enough. With these needs in mind, every lady’s wardrobe should always have the following items.




Winter boots can either be ankle-high, mid-calf, or over-the-knee; lengthwise. Winter footwear should provide warmth and traction while complementing the style of your other outfits. Ankle-high boots are usually stylish, all-season, and versatile, which means that they can be worn with all kinds of outfits including skinny jeans in the evening or a dress and tights during the day. OTK boots are usually warm and classy and they exude a chic casual look when combined with a pair of jeans and a jumper, and a glamorous evening appeal when matched with a chic mini-dress or skirt.


Top Outerwear


During extreme winter, all your body parts should be covered with all kinds of heavy, comfortable, and sexy outerwear. We will look at viable outerwear essentials for your top half in this section and for your bottom half in the section below. Pascagoula women’s fashion boutiques have an array of winter outfits for your upper torso including all kinds of stylish parkas, statement coats, leather jackets, and even warm sweaters. Statement coats and parkas embellish your dark-colored winter outfit with colorful designs and prints. A leather jacket always looks cool and fabulous even when worn with something as simple as a white tee-shirt and jeans. And as for the cashmere sweaters, you should get the hottest designs for your midi skirts, dresses, jeans, printed trousers, and khaki or leather pants.


Bottom Outerwear


The other winter concern is the outerwear for your lower torso. And just like in the section above, there are a myriad of outfits for this purpose. The most popular outfit for covering your lower body in a stylish manner is the skinny jeans. These age-old clothing favorites are very versatile; they can go with almost any type of outfit for any desired occasion. During the day you can elevate your denim look with flat-heeled boots and any type of jacket, and for an evening out you can accessorize them with pointed heels and a classy top.


Another recommendable outfit for your lower torso is a knitted dress. Knitted jumper dresses allow you to flaunt your sexy legs under a protective, cozy and warm covering. These dresses come in a variety of design styles from the form fitting to the baggy ones and you can always enhance their functionality with tights or by covering yourself with a heavy parka.


Neck & Chest Essentials


To protect your neck and head against the winter chill, you can opt for various neck, chest and head accessories. Heavy blanket wrap scarves and shawls are some of the most effective winter essentials for this purpose mainly because they are very warm, versatile, cozy, and chic to don. You can also wear a turtleneck top to keep your neck warm and snug. Turtlenecks come in many stylish designs and colors and they do well with all kinds of outfits including skinny jeans, dresses, sweaters, and jackets.


And last but not least, you can make do with a nice warm fedora to cover your head. A wool or felt hat complements the fashion appeal of any outfit by projecting a unique classy persona in any setting.

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New Arrivals

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